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cluster lash

It’s no secret that eyelash extensions are one of the hottest beauty trends right now. With so many different types of lashes on the market, it can be hard to keep track of what exactly is. From stripe lash to extension lashe to cluster lashe, the number of options can be overwhelming.

Here, we’ll take a closer look at what Cluster Lash is. Read on to find out the whole thing.


Cluster lashes, known as fan lashes or flare lashes, go by several names. These pre-made fans are exactly what they sound like: false lashes packaged in bundles with a few individual lashes, with a short linear at the bottom. They can be used to thicken, plump and lengthen specific areas of lashes, such as the outer corners of the eye.


Cluster Lashes can be applied by themselves at home. The operation method is simple and fast. First, apply eyelash glue to the Cluster Lashes stem. Then wear it along the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye. It is worth noting here that the Cluster Lashes need to be applied below the natural lashes. If you apply it on your natural eyelashes, it will not only make the sticking marks more obvious but also fall off easily. During the applying process, you can use tweezers or trim (if the stem is too long), similar to how you would use a single lash extension. However, due to their tufted nature, these eyelashes run the risk of having an unnatural appearance. Their bundled form means they may not look exactly the same.


Cluster eyelashes are generally worn for no more than a few days. Their application, weight and size make your natural lashes unsafe to wear for extended periods of time. On the other hand, they use temporary glue, which won’t last more than 24-48 hours anyway.


The cost of false eyelashes varies by type. There are three basic lash types: strip lashes, cluster lashes, and individual or volume extensions.

Strip lashes are the cheapest type and are usually used at home by consumers. Sometimes they are magnetic, sometimes they use temporary eyelash adhesive. The price of strip lashes depends on the brand, but the overall price is relatively cheap. If you’re buying a complete kit with multiple sizes, the price is relatively high.

In terms of cost, cluster lashes are in the middle price range. They are usually applied by lash artists, but they cost less than individual volume extensions because they take far less time.

Features of Chiway Cluster Lashes

  • High-quality Material: Chiway Cluster Lash are made of premium black PBT material, soft to touch, comfortable to wear, silky and glossy, does not harm your skin and your eyes.
  • Specification: 10P/20D/30P Cluster Lashes, D curl, length: 9mm-15mm. You can choose the suitable length for your eyelashes extension.
  • Give You Charming Eyes: These lashes can hold a wonderful curl for a long time. Just they look like our own lashes and has the softness of natural eyelashes, which is great for creating your own look and makes you more beautiful.
  • Great for professional makeup artist, makeup salon, cosmetic school, and personal home use, etc. You can change different styles according to your preferences.


They may look similar and both are fan-shaped. But they have different shapes at the bottom. The bottom of Cluster Lashes is a linear flat shape, while the bottom of Individual Lashes is the point where multiple eyelashes come together. This leads to higher technical requirements for the production of Individual Lashes. And it’s more fan-like than Cluster Lashes.


If you need more natural looking lashes in a short amount of time, then Cluster Lashes is an excellent choice. Whether it is the freedom of time or the affordable price, it will make your heart beat. It’s worth noting to make sure you choose to use temporary glue to apply the Cluster Lashes and remove them after a day or two.


1. Start with the longest lash size. Dip the ends into the lash glue, making sure to cover the lash band.

2. Wait for the glue to dry for a few seconds, so the texture of the glue will be a little sticky.

3. Place the lash bundle at the outermost corner of the eye, making sure to follow the shape of the lash line.

4. Apply the second-longest lashes and continue inward toward the center of the eye.

5. Now you need to apply the third longest lashes. Repeat this process with one or two clumps until you’re just past the center of the eyelid.

6. Use the same process to finish with the shortest lashes at the corners of the eyes.


1. Use an oil-based makeup remover.

2. Take a steaming shower.

While a shower (or even a steam room) may not be as effective as eyelash removal, a long steam shower can help loosen the lash extension gel.

3. Try castor oil.

If you’re desperate to get rid of your lashes, you can use castor oil as a nighttime treatment to dissolve your lashes while you sleep.

Bonus: Castor oil may even help promote longer natural lashes.

4. Don’t pick or pull your eyelashes (false or real).

Resist the urge to use tweezers, even if you’ve tried the tricks above and are still stuck with one lash. Because you can seriously damage your natural lashes, especially if the natural lashes you pull out are in the early stages of growth.

5. Repeat steps 1-3 above.

6. Be gentle and patient.

   Be gentle on your natural lashes – especially when applying or removing makeup.

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