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curly eyelashes

Speaking of FALSE EYELASHES , everyone will definitely think of mink eyelashes. Because it is very close to human hair, it can even achieve a fake effect. However, the production of animal eyelashes such as mink hair eyelashes is more difficult. And the price of such eyelashes is higher. This is also the reason why eyelashes were a symbol of nobility when eyelashes first appeared. But over the past decade, with the introduction of eyelash fibers, we have more options for getting thicker, fuller lashes. The appearance of fiber eyelashes has become a boon for girls. Curly eyelashes make our eyes more beautiful and charming. Fiber eyelashes have been sought after by more and more people.

curly eyelashes

What are eyelash fibers made of?

All synthetic eyelashes are made from a plastic fiber called PBT, which is polybutylene terephthalate. PBT is a thermoplastic semi-crystalline polymer, a polyester that is heated, molded into the desired eyelash shape, and solidified upon cooling.

Since it is molded, different molds will produce eyelashes with different effects. If it is made with a wavy mold, what will be the characteristics of the eyelashes?

Newest product – Curly Eyelashes

Let us introduce this stunning lashes today. The most prominent feature of this eyelash is that each lash is like a wave. It’s like having your lashes permed. Very new and unique. Although curly eyelash is a bit of a maverick, it does a great job. Curly eyelashes can be designed in any style, and it has advantages that other fiber eyelashes do not have.

  Of course curly eyelashes have other advantages. The wavy look will make the lashes appear thicker. It is two or three times thicker than other identical lashes. And the wavy shape will make the eyelashes look more like a small fan. Curly eyelashes will give you a lighter volume.

   Curly eyelashes are made up of clusters. They are connected by a more flexible transparent tape. This means that curly eyelashes will fit your eyes better. It also shows that any eye shape can be easily controlled. Likewise, curly eyelashes are lighter. Let you wear it all day without any burden. Relaxed, comfortable and happy.

Curly eyelashes make eyelashes very layered because of the wavy shape. Wearing it at the same time will make your eyes more deep and charming. Curly eyelashes are a good choice for everyday or prom.

   There are many styles of eyelashes on the market, but such unique styles are rare. The emergence of Curly eyelashes will definitely lead a new trend. Wouldn’t you like to be the one at the forefront of eyelash fashion?

  CHIWAYLASH – choose us

 Chiwaylash is located in the beautiful Qingdao, China. We are the largest eyelash wholesaler and supplier in the country.

  CHIWAY LASH have independent factories, professional designers and dedicated staff. We are able to design new products on a regular basis. CHIWAY is the best eyelash supplier who lead the fashion. Choose us, you will be the one who is at the forefront of fashion. Eyelashes of any material and style can be found at chiwaylash. Even an eyelash box, glue, tweezers and other supporting tools. We can match them all for you. Chiwaylash can also help you design logos and business slogans. We are professional in making eyelashes, and we are serious about helping you.

Questions about curly eyelashes

What are the advantages of fiber eyelashes?

Most of the products in the market are fiber lashes. This also means that fiber eyelashes occupy most of the eyelash market. Fiber lashes will get you a ton of clients. Of course, fiber eyelashes have always been sought after by everyone because of their low cost, softness and hardness that can be adjusted at will, good flexibility, and good curling adjustment. This is the biggest advantage of fiber lashes.

Can wearing curly eyelashes cause eye damage?

    We guarantee that the curly eyelashes themselves are no problem. Our production process is standard. The raw materials we choose are the best. We have CE certification and MSDS certification. So feel free to use curly eyelashes.

  But if the glue you choose is not good, it may cause inflammation of the eyelids. Chiwaylash comes with good quality glue that you can buy together. Also, be careful when removing eyelashes. Do not pull hard, otherwise the eyelids will be stretched. And ripped off his real eyelashes.

Why choose curly eyelashes?

 First of all, curly eyelash has all the benefits of fiber lashes. Inexpensive, flexible, suitable for all eye shapes, etc.

Secondly, the wavy shape of curly eyelashes is a major attraction. Its unique charm is enough to attract many women to buy. It will help you attract a lot of customers.

Finally, curly eyelashes are a novelty for eyelashes. Not all eyelash businesses have access to it. When you have an eyelash that doesn’t exist around you, you’ll be the center of attention. will help you expand your visibility.

What is the price of Curly eyelash?

 Chiwaylash has its own eyelash production factory. Make your own products and sell them at home. So the price is fair. No middlemen make the difference. It will help you start your own eyelash business journey at low cost. This can help you have a huge advantage over your peers.

How to perform daily maintenance on curly eyelash?

First, you have to be careful not to pull it too hard. Curly eyelash are more fragile than other false eyelashes. It is stemmed with a transparent soft tape so be more careful.

Second, clean curly eyelash on time. Just like any other false eyelashes.

 Finally, you have to pay attention. Use the original box to place, avoid pressing.

About curly eyelashes you have a comprehensive understanding. If you have any other questions, you can ask us on WhatsAPP. So I want to ask, aren’t you ready to buy some of these amazing lashes?

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