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easy fan lashes

For lash lovers, there seem to be a lot of different ways to show off your lashes. For example, Individual Lashes, Spikes Lashes, Cluster Lashes, Demonic Lashes, Extension Lashes, etc. Among them, Easy Fan Lashes have received unprecedented popularity. So, what are the characteristics of Easy Fan Lashes? Take a look.


Easy Fan Lashes are thick lashes for lash artists designed to reduce the time it takes to make thick lash fans. They differ from other lash extensions in that they consist of multiple layers of individual lashes and are attached at the base with a small amount of adhesive.

Easy Fan lashes, also called self fanning, self flowering, or easy blooming lash extensions. Easy Fan lashes are are popular to create hybrid, Russian volume, mega volume, or more dramatic eye looks with excellent fullness. And applying Easy Fan lashes is a great way to bridge the gap between classic rolls and hand rolls. Thanks to the adhesive used to hold the lashes at the bottom, you can easily fan them. This was hugely unexpected in terms of timing and effect.


Save Your Time & Easy To Make Fans: There is pre-made glue at the base of the eyelashes, which is easy to pick up into a fan and prevents the fan from separating and unraveling after being picked up. Especially when using Russian volume and super volume, the unique sticky bottom makes them easily use. They have the same hold as classic lashes and can be applied in a similar fashion with ease.Eyelashes of different lengths and thicknesses give you a natural look that’s full and plump!

Exquisite Craftsmanship & Longer Lasting: 100% handcrafted. Hand-bake technology gives curled lashes the perfect curvature without collapsing, even when exposed to high temperatures for extended periods of time. Let you always have perfect EYELASH EXTENSIONS.

High-Quality Materials & Comfortable And Light: These easy-scallop eyelashes are made with lightweight materials. So Easy Fan Lashes are softer and more comfortable than regular lashes without kinks. You can barely feel its weight. While these materials are synthetic, these Easy Fan Lashes are a boon for cruelty-free and vegan.

Fluffy Effect & Enlarge Your Eyes: A matte black look with no plastic feel makes Easy Fan Lashes look closer to your real lashes. The fluffy effect and proper curvature make your eyes big and charming. You can be the center of attention anytime, anywhere!


There are two techniques for creating eye-catching fan shapes with Easy Fan Lashes: the Shimmy Method and the Sticky Strip Method. Both can help you create a lot of volume quickly once you’ve mastered the application technique.

Flutter Technology

This fanning technique with just TWEEZERS can create the effect of lashes blooming.

Use a volume of tweezers to grab the desired number of lashes.

Pinch or shimmy tweezers to open them into a fan shape.

Dip the base of the lashes with GLUE and apply.

Repeated practice will help you find the best position to lift weights.

Sticky Strip Technique

This technique uses sticky strips to help you create the fan. This method is simple and easy to learn and is a better choice for beginners.

Grab the desired number of lashes.

Pull the top half of the lashes away from the band towards you.

Lay the root of the lashes on the sticky part of the strip.

Use the back of the eyelash tweezers to gently move the bottom of the fan from left to right until it fanns out.

Dip the base of the lashes with glue and apply.


Here’s our collection of reasons why fans are closed. Hope that helps us avoid this problem.

1. Your glue dries very slowly. The easiest way to avoid the fan from shutting down is to add glue. You have 3 options: use glue that dries faster, use a glue extender, or turn on the humidifier/heater.

2. You release your followers too quickly. When placing the fan, remove it at a 45-degree angle. In 2 steps: first gently loosen, then if you see the fan is performing well, loosen it all the way.

3. Your fan is not wide enough. As the glue dries, the base of the lashes begins to shrink. If your initial fan faces are not wide enough, they will become narrower at this point.

4. You use the dip and place technique to smooth the lashes. If your client’s natural lashes don’t have the slightest hole and don’t absorb glue, then you must use the swipe technique! During the sliding process, the glue will crystallize, and the fan is still fine after loosening the tweezers.

5. A long fan base. If your fan base is half the length of your fan base or more, then your fans will tend to close.

Many lash artists will mix multiple types of lash extensions. Combining Easy Fan Lashes with other types of lashes not only creates an unexpectedly lush and glamorous look, but it helps save time.

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