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eyelash boxes

High-quality eyelashes should be equipped with high-end eyelash boxes. There are verious kinds of beautiful eyelash boxes in CHIWAY LASH . According to the different materials, the types of boxes are divided into Plastic Boxes, Paper Card Boxes, Acrylic Boxes, Coated paper boxes, Iron Boxes and so on . According to the different printing processes, it can be divided into color printing, hot stamping process, hot silver process, embossing process, bump process, bright film process, matte process and UV process.

How to customize eyelash case?

Every year, a number of eyelashes is sold. So do eyelash case. If we want to customize our own eyelashes case, what should we do?

1. Create a killer packaging idea

2. Create an idea

3. How to use medium to find packaging suppliers

4. Where to find custom eyelash packaging

5. How you find my specific eyelash packaging

6. How I searched for your specific packaging needs

7. To print your eyelashes box

8. How your eyelash box will be delivered to you

How to remove eyelashes from packaging?

If you want to get the most out of your eyelashes.the first thing you need to know is how to remove them from trays. Property a really good rule of thumb is to use the entire finger pad to gently slide the lashes off their trays.


Here we have a beautiful brand new strip eyelashes. And I’m going to use entire pad of my finger. Place it directly on the lash and make sure you cover as much as surface area of the lash as possible. Because the more surface area you cover ,the less likely your lashes are going to break. And with some gentle pressure just slide the lash out of the trade. I don’t recommond the tweezers because there’s just so much pressure is being applied to one very small second of the eyelash and could lead to your lashes being damaged or misshapen.


When it comes to removing under lashes or bottom lashes. It’s the same concept your  want to grab as mch as you want to cover as much as possible. Use the entire pad of your finger and afr=ter you’ve applied even pressure just pull it off on the trade. For this second at once they can cover as much as surface area as possible use the pad of your finger apply gently pressure and pull it on the tray.

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