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classic cluster lashes

Classic Cluster Lashes is one of the categories of Cluster Lashes. Like other Cluster Lashes, Classic Cluster Lashes are also fans, but also have a spiky effect. This is mainly based on its shape.Classic Cluster Lashes are wider at the bottom and gradually narrow at the top, 2 hairs on each side and thick hair in the middle. Its  form like an “A” shape, also known as Shape A lashes. Its unique design works with the regular eyelash extensions,easy fan lash extensions,premade fans lashes,will make the grafting effect more charming.


In general, Cluster Lashes are made up of the bottom bracket and the upper part of the eyelashes. There are mainly three types of bottom brackets: plastic black stems, cotton thread stems and clear stems. The upper part of the eyelashes are made of various materials, including: mink hair, FBT fiber, silk, synthetic, pony hair, etc. Among them, the majority of FBT fibers are wool.


【Specifications】 New single eyelashes, natural & fluffy, C D curling, single eyelashes 8-13mm, 3 rows, 5 rows, 8 rows, 40 in each row.

【Easy to use but not falling out】The eyelash cluster is made of FBT material, which is super soft and light. Each Classic Cluster Lash is easily picked up by the cluster eyelash tweezers from the root without unraveling.

【DIY=create, enjoy! 】Want to graft eyelashes, but the distance is too far or the time is inconvenient? If you want to DIY your lash extensions at home with eyelash glue, you can create the perfect everyday look to your liking with Chiway Classic Cluster Lash. Show your unique charm. Make you happier, more confident, and enjoy!

【Get Glamorous Eyes】Classic Cluster Lash is matte black to better match your lashes. The c-curl and d-curl lash extensions and two different styles in various lengths help you easily achieve a natural or dramatic look. Also, the lash clusters are easily removed by eye makeup remover.

【Satisfied after-sales service】Chiway focuses on providing you with high-quality grafted eyelashes to serve your beauty.


Chiway Classic Cluster Lashes are suitable for all eye shapes. Since the Classic Cluster Lashes are shaped like an “A”, they have the effect of spikes. Chiway Classic Cluster Lashes’ lash spikes have a very nice tip type when added to a full volume set. Not only does it instantly add sparkle to lashes, it also provides a bold and slender look to lashes. Especially paired with pre-made, classic or simple fan lashes, the spikes of Chiway Classic Cluster Lashes easily create sets of spikes to express the unique beauty of your eyes.


Are eyelash extensions good or bad for your natural lashes?

Everything has two sides. Applying eyelashes can make you gorgeous or sick.

While eyelash extensions are safer and more painless than ever, poorly done aftercare can often lead to irritation, infection, clumping, thinning and even loss of natural eyelashes.

For example, if a lash stylist chooses lash extensions that are heavier than your natural lashes, they will eventually sag or fall out due to the added weight. Alternatively, a poorly connected extension can cause corneal abrasion.

While Classic Cluster Lashes are a type of Cluster Lashes, the base of the Classic Cluster Lashes is relatively short, so it doesn’t poke the eyes like Strip Lashes (even if the Classic Cluster Lashes are too long, it can be cropped). Secondly, the material of Classic Cluster Lashes is also thin and light, so its weight will not cause too much burden on real eyelashes.


In addition to avoiding water for 2 hours after applying lashes, there are now many aftercare techniques to extend the life of Classic Cluster Lashes.

Cleaning: First, you need to clean your lashes daily with a compatible cleanser. There are some excellent makeup removers designed for lash extensions that you can include on your must-have list. Because poor eye hygiene is the number one enemy of good health.

Brushing: Combing dry eyelashes will keep them from tangling in addition to cleaning debris and avoiding clumping. The best way is to brush them lightly every day.

Curl: Never use a mechanical curling iron on Classic Cluster Lashes as it will pull and catch them causing premature fall out.

Avoid rubbing: It’s best to avoid vigorous rubbing or scrubbing of your eyes, as this may also cause the extension cord to come off prematurely.

Hair dryer: Never use the hot setting of a hair dryer. To be on the safe side, you can also let them air dry before combing them with a spoolie brush.

Avoid heat, oil, and salt: From avoiding swimming in the sea to avoiding saunas, or from using waterproof eyeliner to avoiding oily makeup around your eyes like mascara, there are plenty of ways to maximize the preservation of your split ends.

Eye Makeup: When applying eye makeup, be sure to avoid oil-based products around the eye area, as these can weaken the adhesive used to attach the graft to the lashes. Repeated exposure to oily eye creams, mascara, foundation, etc. may eventually come off.

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