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Cluster eyelashes, also known as prefabricated eyelashes. These premade fans are exactly what they sound like: several individual lashes packed together. These can be used to thicken, volumize and lengthen specific areas of lashes.

Cluster Lashes are easier to use compared to other lashes. It is convenient and simple to wear directly. You can do it yourself at home. Don’t worry too much about time and price. Perfect for beginners and everyday makeup. A variety of styles can be matched at will, and you can DIY your favorite eyelash style at home. Suitable for all kinds of work, dating, birthday, party occasions.

Chiway cluster eyelashes mainly include:Cluster Lashes, Individual Cluster Lashes, Classic Cluster Lashes, Spikes lashes, Flower lashes, Hybrid Individual Lashes, Demonic Lashes, etc.

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Cluster Lash is pre-made fan lashes with short strands at the base. Its shape resembles a truncated section of a Strip Eyelash: multiple individual lashes bundled together in a short line at the bottom. Cluster Lash comes in different lengths, thicknesses and curls. Users can DIY any desired eyelash appearance according to their own needs. Plus, Cluster Lash can be used to thicken, volumize and lengthen specific areas of lashes, such as the outer corners of the eyes. More importantly, the use of clustered eyelashes greatly improves the beauty of eyelashes and saves a lot of time for application.

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Classic Cluster Lashes is one of the categories of Cluster Lashes. What sets Classic Cluster Lashes apart from other Cluster Lashes is their unique look. Classic Cluster Lashes not only have a wide bottom but also a spiked top. Such a unique appearance makes the entire shape of Classic Cluster Lashes like an “A” shape, so Classic Cluster Lashes are also called A-shaped eyelashes. The wide base makes it easier for Classic Cluster Lashes to graft onto the eye area, while the pointed outer spines give it a spike look. These unique designs allow Classic Cluster Lashes to be used alone or in conjunction with regular lashes, simple scalloped lashes, and pre-made scalloped lashes.

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Flower Lashes are one of the most distinctive types of Classic Lashes. Like most Cluster Lashes, Flower Lashes are a preformed fan lashes. From the appearance point of view, Flower Lashes are clustered eyelashes composed of multiple single eyelashes crossed from the left and right sides. Its shape is somewhat similar to Individual Cluster Lashes. But unlike Individual Cluster Lashes, there are darker, thicker lash clusters on the sides, giving it the shape of a magnolia flower. Therefore, Flower Lashes are also called magnolia flower eyelash clusters. Because Flower Lashes mixes two kinds of eyelash clusters with different thicknesses, Flower Lashes are a kind of eyelashes that can be used alone or mixed. Users can operate it at home, which is convenient and quick.

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Spikes Lashes are like a bold single lash. Its unique look is perfect for slim lash kits and “Kim K” lash styling. Its multiple lengths and curls create a variety of glamorous looks. The main way Spikes Lashes are applied is with other Cluster Lashes. But if you have very thick natural eyelashes, you can also use Spikes Lashes alone to create a spike look.


Individual, removable strips of silver foil are easier to remove from the base than paper strips.

Advanced technology keeps its curls at constant stability and thickness standards.

The unique double thermal bonding method ensures that the lashes are ultra-light and magnetic at the root to prevent glue residue.

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Hybrid Individual Lashes are one of the most popular types of pre-supported fan lashes. It’s shaped like Individual Cluster Lashes with a spike in the middle. Therefore, it has both the extended and diffused feeling of ordinary pre-supported fan eyelashes and the eye-catching spike feeling. Hybrid Individual Lashes are an excellent choice for quick daily eye makeup, and are a boon for beginners.


1. Combination of the advantages of Spikes Lashes and Cluster Lashes

2. Double tapered tip. For a bushy, voluptuous look

3. The weight is only 1/3 of ordinary eyelashes (compared with the same size)

4. Hold the curl twice as long

5. Comfortable to wear, does not irritate the eyelids


Demonic Lashes is one of the Cluster Lashes that consists of multiple eyelash clusters of different lengths and has the appearance of Strip Lashes. It combines the characteristics of ordinary Cluster Lashes and saves people’s time in matching eyelash styles. Therefore, he is very suitable for who are just starting to learn makeup or those who do not have enough time for makeup.


Comfortable feeling and no irritation

Fit the shape of your eyes always

Most natural looking wispy style and soft touch

More natural eyelash clusters in one lash tray, save so much money

Save time and give yourself more choices and possibilities

Suitable for any makeup style

Use them so many times


Individual Cluster Lashes are one of the most common pre-made fan lashes. Its bottom is flat, and the bottom-up eyelashes form a crisscross fishtail. Take your creativity to another level with these dovetail style lashes. Individual Cluster Lashes of different lengths, stubs and curls can be matched with different styles of lashes to add a different charm to the eye. In another word, featuring longer lashes on the outers, and shorter in the centre, it has never been easier to customize a lash look.


the difference between cluster lashes and extension lashes

Cluster lashes are little sections of a strip lash or a group of lashes that are glued together in a cluster with a thick base. Cluster lashes are little sections of a strip lash or a group of lashes that are glued together in a cluster with a thick base. pieces. So Cluster lash is relatively heavy and will touch multiple natural eyelashes. Like strip lashes, they should not be worn for more than a day.
Typical Extension Lashes consist of one lash. The lashes are thicker at the base and taper off at the tip. Suitable for grafting single eyelashes. Its different curves cover natural lashes. Extension Lashes lengthen natural lashes while also creating different thicknesses and curvatures. The biggest difference between Extension Lashes and false eyelashes is that it can be extended one at a time according to different requirements to create a natural, elegant and unique makeup.

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