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First of all, let us first understand what is CHIWAY LASH eyelash extension ? CHIWAY LASH Eyelash extensions are use the best quality fiber to make sure that our lashes are fullfy,soft, lush, and flexible. All of our eyelashes are handmade ensuring high quality and consistency . Every lash from CHIWAY is inspected to have consistency in color, curl, and length. Use eyelalsh extension is a cosmetic procedure for eyelashes. As the name suggests, it is a way to lengthen your eyelashes. And make your lashes thicker, make your eyes brighter and brighter. It operates on real lashes one by one. The glue used for eyelash extensions is relatively durable and not visible. Eyelash extensions basically last for about a month without falling off. Of course, it is not impossible to maintain it for a longer period of time. You have to pay attention to its cleaning.

Let’s take a look at the general knowledge about eyelash extensions.


It’s the curvature of the eyelashes. We need to understand the classification of eyelash extensions and curls, so as to help customers create the right eyelashes for him.

J CURL LASHES-When the client wants the lashes to be slightly tilted, the “J” curling lash extensions are the perfect choice. This lash extension curls at a 30 degree angle. It applies to the inner corner of the eye. But it is not friendly to clients with downward lashes.

B CURL LASHES-“B” curls are soft curls that also have excellent hold. Basically, “B” gently lifts those with straight lashes. Here, the angle is mostly 45 degrees.

L CURL LASHES – The shape of this lash extension curl is similar to an inverted L, only with a slight downward slope. This curls best absorb natural lashes from deeply sunken eyes.

M Curl Lashes – L+ Curl Lashes look similar to the “L” Curl, but it has a different angle of curvature. This is another option for clients with natural lashes.


C CURL LASHES-The standard curl used by most eyelash technicians is the “C” curl. It is perfect for men and women with medium curly hair and makes clients look bright and energetic. Its angle is about 60 degrees.

CC CURL LASHES-It is a unique style that provides less curl than D curl but higher curl than C curl. An eyelash technician may find these lashes at a 65-degree angle.

D CURL LASHES-With less curl than CC and less curl than “U”, “D” curl is a boost. Creates an eye-opening effect for the lower lashes. Here you will see a 70 degree angle.

DD CURL LASHES-Often referred to as “U” curled lashes, these lashes are more curled than normal lash extensions and are perfect for downward facing lashes. Typically seen at a 90-degree angle, the angle of this curl may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

    eyelash thickness   

0.03mm and 0.05mm eyelashes

Popular thickness of Mega Volume style for 2D-6D.

0.07mm eyelashes

Popular roughness of Russian volume 5D.

0.10mm diameter eyelashes

This thickness can be used in Volume 2D-3D or as Classic 1D for thinner, very fine natural lashes.

0.15mm eyelashes

This is the most popular average lash thickness for a naturally thicker look.


The second most popular thickness of the classic extension. We wish to use it only on thick and healthy natural lashes.

    eyelash length   

Eyelash extensions are usually a mix of lengths to create perfect eyelashes.The common eyelash length is between 5mm-18mm. Different eyelash lengths can combine different eyelash effects.

                OUR PRODUCTS               


Make the lashes relatively natural and the shape of the eyelashes can be corrected very finely. It the most versatile lash type for all lash artists.


Make eyelash-folding a breeze and help you create the perfect fans in seconds.Especially suitable for volume technique beginners.


Have a strong sense of visual hierarchy. Suitable for those who like a sense of line.


If you don’t have much time, you can try this one. Individual lashes can help you get beautiful lashes fast.


It allows the eyelashes to approach in a more natural direction. Whether its warp or length can meet people’s needs.

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