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The best false eyelashes vendor|chiwaylalsh

Are you an eyelash lover just entering the eyelash industry? Or are you a lash artist who has set up a lash studio? With the development of the false eyelashes market, there is an odd mix of eyelashes. Whether you have experience or not, choosing the best false eyelash would be difficult for you. And it would be more unfriendly for those who just start their new business careers. So the most important thing is to know what kinds of false eyelashes are and where to find the best of brand false eyelashes. On the other hand, not only the quality of the lashes you need to consider, but also the price of the style.

I believe you really want to choose the most popular false eyelash and high-quality eyelashes. The best eyelashes factory-CHIWAYLASH, we can help you choose your favorite eyelash. Meanwhile, we can help you reduce the time of choosing, which makes your buying process easier and happier. It is our honor to share the best false eyelashes with all of you.

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chiwaylash is currently one of the largest false eyelashes factories in Qingdao China, the largest false eyelash manufacturing base. We have 3000 square meters workshop and nearly 200 skilled eyelash production workers. As a leader in the false lashes production industry, we not only keep a high level of product quality, but also have an advancing idea in the research and development of new products.We have a team of experienced eyelash designers. Our slogan is “Beauty is truth, truth is beauty”. Our false eyelash factory’s mission is to bring you confidence and beauty. Let’s come together for fashion! “knowledge is power.”

Our factory have spent plenty of time and resources on false eyelashes. The more we has spent, the more knowledge we know. Then we apply this knowledge to design and production. We know how to make eyelashes more beautiful and natural.We only use high-quality eyelash production materials to offer a full range of false eyelashes.. Our team of experts has professional certificates. Our technology can make products magical and sexy. Chiwaylash strive for light and natural eyelashes and the perfect eyelash shape! We have a wide variety of lash styles, all lash types you can find on our website.

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Our lashes are reusable up to 25 times, saving you a lot of money. At the same time, these can also show that our eyelash styles and our eyelash materials are very good. We strive to enhance the beauty of eyelashes in the easiest way possible. We can match the eyelashes with all kinds of beautiful boxes, and provide mirrors, tweezers, glue, and other auxiliary tools. This way you can buy everything in one stop. Our premium lash products and various types of complementary products will give you the perfect lash look. It is said that eyes are the windows to the soul, eyelashes make your eyes look beautiful and your face look more attractive.

If you don’t know how to choose, don’t worry, you can trust us. We will choose the most suitable eyelashes for you according to your needs, please trust chiwaylash as the house of eyelashes.


Mink eyelashes, as the name suggests, are eyelashes made of mink hair. Please do not doubt that these lashes are real mink lashes. The raw materials of these eyelashes are mainly derived from mink tail hair and a small amount of back hair.

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 The material we chose is a true Siberian mink. Most of these minks are bred in captivity. Their hair is relatively uniform in length, size, and color. Eyelash workers choose mink hair with a length of 32-35mm to ensure that each hair has a hair peak. Rest assured, the mink hair we use is naturally shed. This eyelash material is closer to human hair. In another words, compared with other eyelash materials, mink hair has better simulation. Mink hair is even more natural, softer and has better processability, so it will achieve a better 3D effect.

Because it is made of natural hair, it is necessary to avoid as little water as possible during use. Otherwise, the eyelashes will become frizzy and affect the feeling of use. As a supplier of eyelashes, we have received many orders from mink lashes merchants, and they account for a large proportion. Therefore, among the many eyelashes, mink lashes are the first type of eyelashes we want to recommend to you.


If you’re a vegan and concerned about cruelty-free, we recommend silk false eyelashes. First, silk false eyelashes are a lightweight synthetic eyelash material. These lashes imitate the look and feel of the mink, so it’s very close to real mink lashes. It is also because of that silk false eyelashes have been loved by many people.

This new technology is free of animal by-products (100% cruelty-free), fully synthetic, and non-allergic. Our silk false eyelashes are very breathable. It also protects against heat and wind and rain. Because their eyelash material is synthetic, they are able to maintain their curl and perfect shape in extreme temperatures.

You can imagine wearing your dream lashes no matter what and making them look great all day long! This means you can engage in hot yoga, soak up the sun, and have fun while keeping your lashes beautiful and perfect. When you put on silk false lashes for the first time, you will want to collect all the eyelash styles because it is so perfect. Silk false lashes are very light and natural on the lids. Usually it can be used as natural eyelashes.

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Horsehair and mink hair belong to the false eyelashes of the real hair category. False eyelashes such as real hair are false eyelashes made from animal hair. This kind of false eyelashes is closer to human real eyelashes and will be combined with human real eyelashes in a particularly natural way.

Since horse hair lashes are made from hair extracted from horses, the hair itself has a small amount of oil. That’s why horse hair lashes have a certain sheen. You’ll get unexpected results when you wear them. As long as you don’t look at yourself very closely, you won’t notice that you’re wearing false lashes. Horsehair lashes are also one of the most natural types of eyelashes. Horsehair lashes are harder and waterproof, while they are slightly less flexible. The biggest feature of horsehair lashes is curling, which is naturally messy. Although it’s real fur, it doesn’t reflect light. It’s great to use if you want your lashes to look thicker.


Finally introduced are the faux mink lashes made of fiber plastic. Faux mink lashes are much less expensive due to the eyelash material.

But if you want a good effect, you can’t choose eyelash styles just by looking at the price. You should understand the needs and feelings of your customers and buy the best quality and safest false eyelashes to meet the market demand.

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At Chiwaylash’s false eyelashes factory, we pride ourselves on being proficient in all kinds of eyelashes. We would never recommend this style of lashes unless we have personally used it and liked it. We have absolute confidence in our lashes. The sales of our online eyelashes are very impressive. You can rest assured that all of our lash products are high quality, safe, and easy to use, and they will make you a better lash artist.

To help you choose, you can bookmark this post and refer to it when choosing your lashes.

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