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fox lashes

Do you like the fox lashes look on celebrities like Kendall Jenner or Meghan ? Fox lashes become a fashion symbol.It can make eyes appear more almond-shaped and slightly lifted . Pony hair lashes Fox lashes and Mink Lashes all make of the real hair category . Fox lashes style’s very luxury . It is easy to catch other ‘s vision . The texture of fox hair is tough , also it has excellent elasticity , so it is not easy to break .

The fox’s eyelashes are short at the front and long at the back, and the tail of the eyes is slightly raised. The eyes are like “~” symbols which make the eyes look big and have a feeling of slight discharge. And the eyelashes are generally longer, and they are more charming in a blink of an eye . Fox eyes, also known as beautiful eyes, are not only feminine and soft, but also have a more charming and glamorous feeling, especially in mature women.

Do you want to have fox eyelashes? Please read these eyelashes below  patiently。

fox lashes

questions and answer

1.How much is the MOQ ?

Our products are purely handmade, no MOQ is set, and we don’t want Customers take risks and occupy funds because of the MOQ . If you want to make your own logo, you must first look at the quality of the product and then decide . I believe that as long as the product quality is good, you will naturally cooperate with us when your market is developed. long to deliver ?

A small amount can be shipped on the same day, if a large amount depends on the style, it is generally 3-5 days. According to the quantity, to determine the delivery date .


Of course. you can provide your ideas , we also have some pictures of the box here film , as long as the LOGO is provided to us , the designer will give you prototype after the order is confirmed. is the quality of chiwaylash products ?

The FOX LASHES are made of fox hair. It can be used more than 25 times . CHIWAY FOX LASHES are 100% handmade. The workers put each eyelash on the design drawing. Every worker is trained by us. So don’t worry about our quality.


As one of the largest Eyelash Manufacturers in the world, Chiway Lash has always been leading the eyelash fashion in the eyelash industry !

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