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how to maket your false eyelashes business | CHIWAY LASH

A pair of beautiful eyes will make you more attractive,especially a pair of eyes with long eyelashes. With the development of fashion,more and more women like wearing FALSE EYELASHES .They like it,and they offord for maketing false eyelashes business is a good choice to begin your career.70%of the false eyelashes in the world come from China, there are many eyelash vendors.they can provide the best faux mink lashes to you.If you want market your false eyelashes business well,you must know your own false eyelashes very well . As your own brand, your own MLM methods,and your own product after-sales service!

The eyes are the windows of the heart ,and everyone wants to be beautiful,the needs of false eyelashes is growing year and’s never too late to start your mink eyelashes business.if you don’t know how to choose a lash vendor,don’t worry,i will tell you ! All what you have to do is continue reading this blog.

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Social media:

Social media is diverse,more and more people are using it to stay connected,especially young people. Compare with traditional media,social media is a great way to spread informations .Using social media to promote mink eyelashes often brings unexpected results . You can spread your mink eyelashes business by using social media . In this way people can know about your mink eyelashes more intuitional.

Create a video:

Now is the era of short video.A good clipped video can show your mink eyelashes vividly. And it can better reflect the details . You can see the picture with your eyes,you can hear the sound with your ears , and a good clipped video brings people a better andio-visual experience. By Showing a set of life like mink eyelashes through creative shooting . You can expand your mink eyelashes business quickly.

Create an Eyelash Business Blog:

If your writing is good enough , you can start a personal blog . The content of the blog is updated in real time . It has lots of informations about your products . Your customs can solve most of problems in your blog, such as how to keep your mink lashes fresh . By this way, you can konw how to increase the usage time of the mink eyelashes or other businesses questions about mink eyelashes.


People know little about mink hair, neither,they don’t know how dose the mink eyelashes made from mink hair. it’s something new for them, so let’s talk about it.

Apparently mink is an animal which like living in streams or rivers in forest. Mink eyelashes are derived from mink hair. It is said that captive breeding of minks was started in 1965 in Jilin Provence in China. After nearly 40 years of hard work, the scale of breeding has expanded. And it’s quality of mink hair is more in line with the material of eyelashes.


false eyelashes

False eyelashes used to decorate the eyes. But you know not all mink hair can make eyelashes except the hair in mink tail and  some of back hairs that naturally sheds. Chiway lash have the best eyelash maker,and all our mink eyeshes are purely handmade. Because handmade maintains a high level of quality,the sophistication of machine production is far behind that of hand-made.

Natural mink hair is taken from a kind of American mink which raised in captivity. The length,the size and the color of the mink hair are relatively average. It’s easy to select for the workers .What kind of mink hair can be made into a lash ? Usually, the leghth of the mink hair which can be made into a lash were limited in 32-35mm, And each hair has a hair peak . Otherwise ,it’s not easy to make a pefect mink eyelashes . In one word,the key to start a good eyelash business is good eyelash products.

Mink hair has many advantages ,it is shiny and smooth, more better than fox hair. And the composition structure of mink hair is relatively close to the structure of human hair. Compared with other materials, mink hair is softer and more natural .It’s easy to process mink hair into a  eyeshes,especially the 3Dmink.


A good mink hair eyelashes must be able to add points to your image.What is 3D mink lash mean?Imagine that , the long and curled eyelashes tremble slightly when you close your eyes . The long eyelashes are put into a beautiful arc when the long eyelashes droop down . It seems that every slight tremor is gently, the eyelashes casting two fan-shaped shadows on the cheeks like a soft feather. it seems to be trembling gently like a butterfly when you breath. When the eyelids moved slightly, and the long eyelashes followed. Speaking of which, a beautiful face is inseprable from a pair of beautiful eyes,and the eyes is the most important part in our face. If your eyes are like a window, then your eyelashes will be the curtains of that window.


Our bodies are the work of the Creator,every part of the body has its own necessity. To human,eyelashes are very important to the eyes even it is very small. You won’t pay attention to it , and sometimes we ignore its existence.It’s undeniable that eyelashes can protect the eyes from dust and other objects. In addition to the protective part, long eyelashes makes the eyes look prettier. And a pair of eyes with mink eyelashes looks more lively.

How do you know if the eyelashes you bought is good or not ? Personally speaking , a good quality of mink eyelashes must be durable and safe. Because false eyelashes are things that directly touch our skin , the eyelashes with poor quality is easily damaged. You can’t ware them any more after sevral times,and the bad glue of eyelashes often cause allergies,so we must ensured that the glue is safe.

false eyelashes

Now,I am proud of our mink eyelash,we have the best eyelash maker ,it is the best lashes you can find on maket,it makes you beautiful!


Mink eyelashes vary in thickness,it’s thicker than ordinary eyelashes. Compared with ordinary eyelashes and mink eyelashes, the difference lies in the degree of shedding.The cheap eyelashes are more likely to fall off. They have different qualities,but the eyelashes made of mink hair are not . Besides,there is an even bigger adwantage of the mink eyelashes . If you choose to graft your eyelashes, mink eyelashes grafting can avoid secondary operations . It can save money and bring more convenient to you,it’s valluble. That’s one of the reasons why mink eyelashes is expensive and requires more maintenance compared with ordinary eyelashes.


You know ,mink is an animal which like living in streams rivers in forest . So the environment for raising mink must be close to natural streams and jungles, and the environment needs to be natural and no pollution,too, so the price is higher. Compared with cheap eyelashes which are made of artificial materials, their price is lower more. Except the mink eyelashes,there is one kind of false mink on the market that looks lush and light. They can blend seamlessly with natural mink hair and cruelty-free to minks. It doesn’t require much in producing,it doesn’t mean that the false eyelashes made of artificial mink are not good,eyelashes made of false mink hair has natural look and easy to store.

There are many reasons for you to start an eyelash business, firstly, the needs for mink eyelashes growing year and year.more and more women like to wear mink eyelashes to make their eyes looks brightly. According to a study of mink eyelashes, the market of mink eyelashes worth $1.1 billion in globle. So, there is still a lot of maket development space for mink eyelashes. It’s never too late to start your mink eyelashes business.


false eyelashes

It’s very important to provide high-quality after-sales service to your guests when you market a mink eyelashes business. How to take care of the mink eyelashes?Firstly, it is recommended to remove the eyelashes after each wearing,don’t wear your mink eyelashes when you sleeping; secondly,wash off the residual glue with warm water, and let it dry in air naturally for about 10 minutes,then put the eyelashes back in the original eyelash tray and store in a cool dry place at last. Since mink eyelashes is made of natural hair, try to avoid contact with water during wearing, otherwise it will get wet easily and no longer perfect after a long time.

 Our offline staff have received good professional training ,they can provide you with solutions to all the problems you have, online staff are also online, you can get in touch with them at anytime by email. Our aim is to give back to customers with the best sevice and products!

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