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individual lashes

The eyelash industry has come a long way. From STRIP EYELASH to all kinds of eyelashe extensions , all kinds of new false eyelashes are emerging one after another. EYELASH EXTENSIONS have become more and more popular because of their diverse styles and natural shapes. Individual lashes as one of the main eyelash styles have become the first choice for people to extend eyelashes. These lashes pose no threat to anyone’s lash health! Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of individual lashes!


Individual lashes are a cluster of individual lashes. Multiple eyelashes are grouped together into clusters and bonded into dots at one end. They are usually shaped like a fan. Individual lashes are also classified as party lashes.

The number of lashes in the fan is indicated with the letter “D”. Volume fans can vary from 2D-14D. Rather than single lashes being used to create a more natural “classic” lash look, individual lashes are more geared towards creating a “fuller” lash look.


Short Stem Premade Fans Without Falling Apart. Individual lashes are pre-made fan-shaped lashes. The roots are treated with thermal bonding instead of glue. This unique technique makes the roots even and with many micropores. This allows THE GULE to absorb water evenly without leaving any residue. Leaves no residue on eyelash tiles and avoids eye strain. In addition, it makes the stem tighter without spreading.

Lightweight Material. Made of high quality PBT material. The light and soft texture will not burden your lashes. At the same time, the base of the pre-made curling fan fits perfectly with our real lashes, and the effect is as natural as our own lashes, making you look very thick and fluffy.

Various Specifications. individual lashes are mainly 10P 20P 30P. Effects range from 3D to 10D. Length is 8-15mm. Each box is mainly composed of 3 rows, 5 rows, 8 rows, etc. This can meet the various needs of people from all walks of life.

Simple to use. Individual lashes are prepaid fans. Individual lashes are made with 3D to 10D clusters that bloom instantly. In another word, you don’t need to make fans. You just need to take out the pre-made fan with tweezers and stick it on the eyelashes, which will greatly shorten your working time. No professional skills are required, even for beginners. It’s a real time saver.

Soft and full. Made of premium materials, individual lashes are super soft and light, giving them a fluffy and full look. The curl remains stable for over 1 year and the thickness is standard.


Between 4-6 weeks. They are semi-permanent and last anywhere between 4-6 weeks when applied correctly.


Using a single lash is similar to gluing the entire false lash on the eyelid. Eyelash adhesive should not come into contact with the skin as it is not designed to contact the skin and it should be used with great care. Skin contact with these types of adhesives can easily trigger a severe immune response in the body. Once that happens, a lifelong allergy to eyelash extension adhesive can occur.


Individual lashes can last around 2-30 days. Good care can not only keep the eyelashes clean, but also prolong the application time. Therefore, how to take care of individual lashes is a very question worthy of discussion.

As we all know, individual lashes are used by glue. And water and oil are the natural nemesis of glue. This requires us to pay special attention to the situation of water and oil in our daily life.

The following are Three things you need to do in order take care of individual lashes:

The important setting period of glue

The first few hours of eyelash application are crucial for the glue to set. So during this curing period, you should avoid contact with water or steam on your fake extension cord. For example, avoid sweating (fitness), crying (salt in tears), and cooking (steam and heat). Of course, the curing time of different eyelash glues and humidity will vary. So before you leave the salon, ask your lash technician about the curing time of your lash extensions.

Daily cleaning

It’s worth noting that you can go about your normal activities such as cleaning, showering, cooking, and exercising after the gel has set. However, no matter where you are, it is best to avoid prolonged heat and sweating.

It is important to clean and brush your lash extensions daily to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on your lashes. Otherwise it will breed infestations and dust mites. Also, if you regularly use eyeliner, mascara, foundation or eye shadow, it’s a good idea to clean your lashes once or twice a day. Pay attention to drying the roots of the eyelashes in time after each cleaning.

Makeup and Skincare

Today, cosmetics use various ingredients such as oils, salts, alcohols, glycols, etc. When oils and salts penetrate the lash line, they can affect the bond between the adhesive and the natural lashes.


Avoid oil-based cleansers and salt-based facial scrubs, as they can damage individual lashes. Also, check the ingredient list for each product before use.


Individual lash do give a more natural look compared to strip lashes. But if you want to apply lashes in a short amount of time, strip lashes are much better.

The above is the relevant content about individual lashes. If you have other new ideas, please contact us.

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