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how to come up with lash names for business?

lash names for business

Do you have some time? Do you want to be a financially independent women?Go start a business!A big business seems hard to come by. But with a good business plan and preparation, you can easily start a small business. This will not only kill your spare time but also increase your income – or even start your new career. How to start a business? Should we choose a the right time or business opportunities? No! If we want, go start business now! The first step in starting a business is finding a business idea that works for you. From the top 10 small business ideas, false eyelashes are a good choice. Low cost, daily needs, time freely. The good lash names for business can attract more attention. So what’s the best name for lash business?


Before making a business name, you need to clear which kind of business do you want. Offline store or online sale. This will directly affect the name of your store. The more content a name contains, the more business you can do. The more clear the meaning of the name, the more people can attract people’s attention and choice. Therefore, identifying the different business models is the first and important step in getting a good business name.


If you want to start a lash business offline, this means that your customers are the people around you. And you need a house to start your lash business. This will increase your input cost. Louth Smith, a housewife once, shares her experience :“ When I decided to start my lashes business, I visited all the eyelash business for sale near me. I found all the shops that are in the eyelash business don’t just do eyelashes. Their business more or less includes other businesses. So when I start my own business, I choose LOUTH SALON to be my lash business name. That means I can do any business about beauty, including eyelash business.” We mentioned above that a name with more content means more business we can do. And Louth’s experience also confirms this. Therefore, if you want to start a lash business for sales, yo can choose those top 3 words.

lash names for business

Top 1: SALON

This is the most normal words used in lash business offline. Because salon is a place where people have beauty treatment. Every type of personal care you can find on salon. Especially when the name contains both eyelashes and salon, the main business you do are more obvious. Like Premier Eyelash Extensions Salon.We can easily know from the name that this salon specializes in eyelash extension. If you need a eyelash care, you will get in to the salon.


Lash studio is a professional beauty place. And professional equipment and service personnel make lash studio more competitive. So the word “studio” is a popular name used in lash business. Like Amazing Lash Studio.


This two words is also normally used in lash business. Especially for lash extension. If you want start you eyelash business with lash lounge or eyelash bar, you need put into a lot of human, material and financial resources. Of course, it can lead into more business you can do, the greater the income you will get.

Bar, studio and lounge are three of the top ten most used words in memorable lash business names.

Bar, studio and lounge are three of the top ten most used words in memorable lash business names. Salon, art, spa and lab are four of top 30  most used words in memorable lash business names. You can choose any of them to be your own name


Best business ideals to make money various in a plenty of ways. So does eyelash business. Naming a eyelash shop online is an important part. It will help you to attract thousands of attention. Different from offline shop,online shop have different business model. In another word, the name for online eyelash shop have its own rules.

First: normal words

Thousands of people search online every moment. And they search for something different. There must be something in same. If your shop name is a normal words, the probability of being searched will be greatly increased. Because when someone search something including your shop name, your shop name will show them directly. As the times goes on, your shop name will become a familiar lash shop for them. And when they need eyelashes, they will subconsciously see your lashes as a choice. This will invisibly enhance our publicity. Like Chiway lash, Be You Lash, Star Lash,ect. All those shop name are common vocabularies. You can see them everywhere. And they will appear in all kinds of searches. What’s more, if the words you choose is related to eyelash or makeup, the rate of searching would be more. Lash, lashes and brow are the top three most used words in memorable lash business names. Other normal words also include eyelash, eye, extension, boutique, flutter, love, girl, wink, wax, eyelashes, nails, you. Kiss, doll, little.So if you want shop online, choose a normal word as your shop name. It will surprise you.

lash names for business

Second: common names

Like normal words, choose common name as lash shop name also will increase the rate of searching. Like Lily, Lucy, Mrs, Ms, Mss. It is worth noting that the name of super star should not be used casually. It is true that such names will increase the exposure of your lash shop, but they also come with high risks. Therefore, a name that is popular and not easy to cause unnecessary trouble will be a good choice for your store name.

Third: some rules you need to follow

In addition to what we talk about, the following rules you must follow.

Your shop name must include “lash”

Do make it easy to pronounce

Don’t limit yourself to a local place

Do choose words that are easy to spell

Don’t use hyphens in the domain name

Do conduct a trademark search

Don’t use more than 3 words

Do poll FB three friends on your top three choices

Do get the .com domain name

No matter which eyelash business model you choose, choosing the best lash name is an important step in your lash business success. Of course, in addition to choosing a best business name, developing a complete and realistic business plan is also an important part of our business career. Browsing lash business news and participating in lash business events are important ways to obtain business information. Seize all available business opportunities and start our own lash business career. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Chiwaylash is always your most reliable lash business partner.

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