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7- steps to make real mink lashes | chiwaylash

Loving beauty is part of human natural. We use cosmetics everyday, especially mink lashes. But have you ever been curious about how are mink eyelashes produced? Now Chiwaylash will show you how are real mink eyelashes produced?


Although thousands of manufactures on the eyelash market, yet only few of them can design their own new eyelash style. Most of eyelash supporter haven’t their own design team, the only thing they can do is copying .

Chiwaylash is one of the most professional eyelash manufactures with their own design team. Our Chief designer Mrs. Zhang has designed thousands of eyelashes. The most popular eyelashes you have saw are probably her works. Meanwhile, most of the eyelashes we have already applied for a design patent. If you want know more information about the eyelashes we have, you can be visit our web. If you have your own ideas about the eyelash style, you can email us or call us. Our design team will customize the eyelashes according your request.

Different eyelashes have different design requirements for its length and its direction. This means that the designer would have a high designing ability to design a perfect eyelash style.

When you cut a part of an eyelash, a new style eyelash will appears. That’s to say, for real mink eyelashes, even a little change would make the eyelash style change a lot. In another words, design can’t be imitated. Even though they imitate the eyelash shape we designed, the real eyelash styles can’t be imitate. Not to mention the capability of the design.


real mink lashes

Mink fur is the raw material to make real mink lashes. We only use naturally shed mink tails to make our mink lashes. Because mink tails have the longest hair and the mink tails are wholly perfect.

In earlier times, mink tails are useless. The main purpose of mink farm is to supply mink fur to cold areas. It is one of the main materials to make fur coat. And it sounds like cruel. More cruelly, although mink fur are the main materials of collar, most fur coat factories still abandoned mink tail.

Fortunately, someone found that the structure of mink tail are similar to human hair by chance. Ever since then, the most useless mink tail became the best materials to make the most beautiful false eyelashes. A new industry raised. And because the making of the mink lash bases on reusing, you needn’t worry about some merciless thing.

Now, some supplier specialize in buying mink tails. And according different length and thickness they classify those mink tails into different ranks. Those classified mink tails are more expensive than raw materials. The reason is only human can precisely classify those mink tails. That work needs too much time to identify which mink hair meets the standard. Meanwhile, this job are so hard that very few people are willing to do.

As a powerful eyelash company, Chiwaylash only use the highest quality materials to make real mink lashes. We never save on raw materials in the process of making mink lashes, which makes the price of mink lashes higher than ordinal eyelashes. In another words, the most expensive and highest quality materials make mink lash a luxury item.


It takes at least half a year to train a skilled worker. Typically, a worker is only responsible for one step in the eyelash-making process. This greatly improves production efficiency and is more conducive to ensuring the production quality of eyelashes. According to the designer’s drawings, the workers will make the parts they are responsible for. In fact, different eyelashes are designed differently in the same production process. This requires our workers to continuously learn and improve their eyelash making skills.


There are two very critical processes in the production of eyelashes: gluing and cutting. 

The general public often overlooks the process of gluing eyelashes. However, gluing the eyelashes is a very important eyelash making process. Of course, because this process has a certain degree of confidentiality. So this production process may not be shown to you when you visit an eyelash factory. The glue injection process of Chiwaylash’s high-end mink eyelashes is one of our core business secrets. But today we can reveal some.

real mink lashes

First, the use of glue. If you feel that a certain part of the eyelashes does not fit well or some parts stick to your skin during the process of wearing eyelashes, there is no doubt that it is a problem with the eyelash glue. Chiwaylash has a unique eyelash making glue that can fundamentally solve such problems.

Second, The cutting process of mink eyelashes. If you have been to an eyelash production factory, you will find that the semi-finished eyelashes on the workbench are very long. This is because the long mink hair used in the hair removal process can better complete different eyelash designs. The process of removing excess mink hair is called the cutting process of eyelashes. Chiwaylash’s original eyelash cutting process provides strong support for the production of high-quality eyelashes.

STEP FIVE: real mink lashes STYLING

In all previous productions, all false eyelashes were flat without any curvature. Eyelashes cannot be worn at this time. It would look weird that we couldn’t go out wearing lashes like this. In order to make the eyelashes more curled, we need to shape the eyelashes. To put it simply, the straight eyelashes become curled after being processed by the workers and can remain curled all the time. According to the requirements of different eyelash styles, the curling degree of eyelashes will also be different. Workers make mink eyelashes with different curls by using tubes of different thicknesses. Creating different curls is not the ultimate goal of our crafting process. Our ultimate goal is to maintain the curl of the lashes at all times.

chiway lash’s qualitative method for real mink lashes

At present, most of the main eyelash styling processes on the market are the “chemical styling method”. The advantages of this method are low cost and easy availability of raw materials. But it has a big disadvantage that the chemical residue is relatively heavy. Even after a rigorous cleaning process, some people still experience adverse reactions such as allergies. In addition to the “chemical styling method”, there is also a relatively advanced styling process “physics styling method” on the market. Chiwaylash uses this qualitative method. The principle of this process is to thermally process the eyelashes by controlling the temperature and time. No chemical preparations are used in this shaping process, and no chemical residues are produced. The only disadvantage of this process is the high technical requirements.

If there is any deviation in the temperature and time control, it will cause irreparable losses. In order to skillfully and widely apply this shaping process in the production of mink eyelashes, Chiwaylash has conducted a year-long experiment and research. After the unremitting efforts of researchers, this difficulty was finally solved. Kudos to our researchers.


real mink lashes

After the eyelashes are shaped, the production of eyelashes is basically completed. In the packaging of mink eyelashes, we will organize the packaging according to the requirements of different customers. Of course, the private customization of eyelash boxes is also one of our company’s special services. You can tell us your design ideas for eyelash boxes. We will have specialized designers to design.


Before the mink eyelashes are mailed to you, we will check and inspect the eyelashes many times to ensure that each pair of eyelashes is of high quality. 

The above is the entire production process of our real mink eyelashes. If you want to know more about real mink eyelashes, please follow our website and social media. Practice with us anytime you need.

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