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spikes lashes

Eyelashes: It seems inconspicuous, but it is the clothes of the eyes. When people talk about eyes, they can’t avoid talking about eyelashes. When it comes to eyelashes, the longing is long and curled eyelashes. It can be seen that we still have a unified idea about eyelashes – long and warped. From this we have created many products that make eyelashes better. The most popular is of course false eyelashes. Because of its popularity, THE FALSE EYELASHES industry has developed rapidly. There are many varieties of false eyelashes. This article mainly introduces SPIKES LASHES.


Spikes lash is a type of cluster lashes. Compared to other cluster lashes, spikes lash is different. It is root by root, in a single cluster. And it’s thicker and more warped. So it will be natural to stick to the eyes, and make the eyes look more smart and cute. This style come in different lengths, and girls who love beauty can choose the right length to match their eyes. The makeup effect brought by this style is very amazing, and it is also flexible and versatile in daily life. It is not bulky and comfortable to wear. Spikes lashes are a much-loved CLUSTER LASHES.


Spikes lashes are single-cluster, and its contact surface is relatively small compared to other cluster lashes. There is always something wrong with posting this lashes. For example: can’t stick eyelashes; always stick it crookedly; no one else sticks it well, etc. Then I will tell you in detail how to paste it.

1. Use an eyelash curler to curl the eyelashes before applying the eyelashes. This is in preparation for this style lashes posted later.

2. Apply eyelash primer. This is to make the lashes firmer. Easy to post this style lashes later.

Apply glue

3. Apply glue. Since there are two kinds of packaging for glue, there are two ways to take glue.

The first type of glue is a squeeze type, which requires a drop of glue on the box first, so that the glue can be easily dipped.

Then use TWEEZERS to hold the tip of the spikes lashes, with the concave side up and dip in the GLUE.

 The second glue is with a brush head, which can be applied directly to the root of the eyelashes before taking the eyelashes.

 4. Apply eyelashes. Babies who are not very skilled can use the brush tail to prop up the eyelids, so that it will be more clear when sticking. The eyelashes we put in the middle of the eyes are generally the longest. Then stick to both sides in turn.When sticking spikes lashes, you should pay attention to sticking it to the root of the eyelashes, so that it will be firm and not uncomfortable. When sticking, pay attention to be parallel to the real eyelashes, so that the sticker will be corrected. Then brush a few times on the real eyelashes before sticking, so that it will be more firm when sticking.

5. After sticking, wait for two seconds and then lower the eyelid, it will make the lashes more fixed. Then repeat the lashes. It don’t need a lot of stickers, generally 4 or 5 stickers per eye are very beautiful.

6. If you are not very docile, you can use the brush tail to adjust the position. Lastly, apply the eyelash serum again.

HOW TO UNINSTALL this style LASHes ?

First of all, you can choose to use eye and lip makeup remover to remove spikes lashes. After soaking the cotton pad, apply it to the root of the eyelashes and wait patiently for a while. Then use a cotton pad to wipe in the direction of the growth of the eyelashes, and this style lashes attached will be slowly removed.

Secondly, you can buy eyelash makeup remover to remove eyelashes. Use the brush that comes with it to evenly apply the makeup remover to the roots of the lashes, then wait patiently, you can easily remove the lashes.    

Either way, the method of removing spikes lashes is very simple. The main thing here is to have patience. Only time is enough. To be able to easily remove it without hurting their lashes.


Do IT have to be removed same day?

If you go to bed at night, spikes lashes must be unloaded. Because false eyelashes are glued to our eyelashes, if we do not remove them at night, the glue will cause damage to our eyelids. There are also many bad ingredients in the glue, and it also has a bad effect on our skin. If we don’t take it off, let it sit on our skin for one night, and our skin will be very bad the next day.

Can IT be reused?

Spikes lashes are reusable, but the number of uses depends on their material and level of care. The harder the material for spikes lashes, the more you use it, and the softer the material for spikes lashes, the less you use it. For example, the texture of nylon and plastic can be used more than 20 times; such as cotton thread, human hair, etc., it can be used about 5 times.

Therefore, the maintenance of spikes lashes is very important and will increase the number of uses.

How to match the length of this style lashes?

1. When choosing spikes lashes, choose ones that are 2mm longer than your own eyelashes

2. If you want to match the INDIVIDUAL CLUSTER LASHES , the spikes lashes should be 1-2mm longer than the individual cluster lashes so that it can stand out! Otherwise, it’s easy to get stuck! Posting 12 clusters has no effect!

3. For those who have not bought spikes lashes, it is recommended to buy mixed packs and try them first, it will be easier to get started and find the suitable length and sticking method.

4. When individual cluster lashes and spikes lashes are interspersed, the individual cluster lashes are 1mm shorter than the surrounding two clusters of it . When only posting it, except for the cluster of eyes, all other lashes are long!

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