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SILK FALSE LASHES vs real mink

First of all, material .

The MINK SILK FALSE LASHES is made of plastic fiber, and the real mink lashes is make of 100% real mink fur.

Second, the weight of the two kinds lashes .

The SILK FALSE LASHES is much lighter and softer than real mink lashes if you find a good SILK FALSE LASHES WHOLESALE Vendor.If you are a vegan man, so this your first choice in stead of the plastic one. But the Real 100% Mink Lashes is the best choice if you are not, which is vivid and will make a perfect luxury appearance.
Third, the price of the two.
The faux mink lashes is much cheaper than real mink lashes but if you want to make a good order, you can’t choose the lashes only according to the price.

You should know what your customer need and feel , and buy the best quality and safe faux mink lashes to meet the market. And they you will have a huge customer and profit .
usually the faux mink lashes mink fur is 1 USD to 2.5 USD according to your quantity . of course , you can buy them with a very cheap way. But for the bad lashes , they are worthless. They will destroy your customer and your business line.

and the real mink fur is much more expensive, and the mink fur is about 3 USD to 12 USD according to your style and quantity if you choose a best mink lashes .


Absolutely! First , the raw material is special made by synthetic material, which is vegan material. And the SILK FALSE LASHES WHOLESALE is much more similar with real mink fur.

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