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The popularity of CLUSTER LASHES has gradually increased recently, and many people have developed a great interest in cluster lashes. There are many kinds of Cluster lashes, and each cluster lashes will have different effects. Which effect you want to present will choose the corresponding cluster lashes style. Of all the cluster lashes, the spikes lashes can be worn in combination with any cluster lashes, and they work extremely well. But posting both will always waste a certain amount of time. We combined the individual cluster lashes with the most SPIKES LASHES to get a new cluster lashes—Hybrid Individual Lashes.


First, hybrid individual lashes are a type of cluster lashes. It’s clumps of lashes. It is a type of eyelashes that you can wear at home.

Second, This lashes resemble a combination of individual cluster lashes and spikes lashes. The two sides of Hybrid individual lashes are different from individual cluster lashes, except that the length of eyelashes on both sides of hybrid individual lashes is the same. The middle of the this lashes is the thick root eyelashes like spikes lashes.

Furthermore, the shape of hybrid individual lashes can be said to have spikes lashes in the center of the eyelashes. This is where its name comes from.


1. The simulation degree of this lashes is very high, so it will be very natural after wearing. It doesn’t make it feel fake. Perfect for everyday travel or attending any event. Hybrid individual lashes are a great option if you can’t decide which style to choose.

2. This lashes are easy to post. You just need to arrange the various lengths and paste them in order. It is very simple and easy to operate. Even if your hands are not very flexible, it can be applied perfectly.

3. This lashes are made of memory fibers. Eyelashes made of this fiber are very easy to manage, and it does not easily deform.

4. This lashes are comfortable and natural to wear. Does not make the eyes feel any foreign body sensation. After wearing this lashes, there is no frequent blinking and no eye irritation. It will not be uncomfortable even if you wear it all day.

5. This lashes will make the eyelashes more distinct. Gives a naturally slender, thick and curly feel. Let your lashes be full of style and be the most attractive presence at any time.

6.This lashes are hot-melt roots with eyeliner effects. After wearing it, it doubles the eyes and does not need the assistance of anything else.


Question 1: spikes lashes and individual cluster lashes VS hybrid individual lashes

Spikes lashes and INDIVIDUAL CLUSTER LASHES : strong sense of presence, layered, many consumables, long use;

Hybrid individual lashes: When the tweezers are picked up, the hair similar to the fairy in the middle will spread out, so the presence of the upper ��� is weak, and the feeling of fog is more everyday, and there are few consumables and short usage time.

Question 2: How to post hybrid individual lashes to look good?

1. First use an eyelash curler to curl the eyelashes, try to clip the roots of the eyelashes

2. Use tools or hands to lift the eyelids for easy application of eyelashes

3. Taking this lashes is similar to taking individual cluster lashes. Be sure to clamp the root of the eyelashes to take out the eyelashes. The eyelashes taken out in this way are complete and will not fall apart.

4. Dip a small amount of glue

5. Apply this lashes to the root of the upper lashes

6. The length of this lashes should be suitable for your eye shape, so that the posted eyelashes will be natural

7. After all the stickers, use tweezers to push in to fix the shape of the eyelashes   

Question 3: Which is more natural, Hybrid individual lashes or spikes lashes?

If you have very sparse eyelashes, don’t hesitate, hybrid individual lashes must be your first choice. It’s so natural. However, be careful when taking this lashes, they tend to come apart. And you have to try to make sure that the eyelashes are on the same horizontal line when you clip the eyelashes, otherwise it will not be easy to stick.

Girls with relatively thick eyelashes can buy spikes lashes. And even a single sticker is very good for people with thick eyelashes. And spikes lashes are easier to stick, don’t worry too much about sticking them crookedly.    

This lashes wants to come and everyone has a certain understanding through this article. You may wish to choose a lashes that suits you here. So how can you choose the right one for you?

Choosing eyelashes is similar to choosing clothes. What suits you is the best. Everyone’s body is different, so choose different sizes of clothes. Also, everyone’s eye shape is different, so the appropriate eyelash length is different. Generally speaking, the length of the selected eyelashes is about 2mm longer than your own eyelashes, so that the attached eyelashes will be more natural and suitable.

Chiwaylash has hybrid individual lashes of various lengths. You can choose as much as you want with us. We not only have cluster lashes but also strip lashes and eyelash extension. A variety of styles for you to choose.   

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