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individual cluster lashes

The subject of this article individual cluster lashes belongs to a kind of cluster lashes . STRIP LASHES have their shape fixed when they are made. People modify it according to their eyes when they wear it. Once one part is not firmly adhered, it will affect the overall effect. And the strip eyelashes put a heavy burden on the eyelids.

From this, it was thought to produce a segmented eyelashes. To deal with the shortcomings of strip eyelashes. To put it bluntly, segmented eyelashes are to segment the original pair of eyelashes according to the shape. This will make the eyelashes fit more closely to your eyes. And it’s so light on the eyelids that you can’t even notice it. Due to its advantages, it has gradually been loved by people and has become very popular. As a result, this type of eyelashes has a unified name – Cluster Lashes. Let’s take a closer look below.


Most cluster lashes are named after the shape. Individual cluster lashes are no exception. This cluster lashes is very similar to a fish’s tail. Individual cluster lashes are long on both sides and short in the middle, with hair tips staggered with each other. It gradually shortens from the two ends to the middle, and looks like a “V” shape as a whole.


1. Individual cluster lash is the easiest to use of all cluster lashes. If you’re new to cluster lashes, would love to try it out. That individual cluster lashes is a very good choice. You can use it to exercise your proficiency in pasting cluster lashes. Be prepared to post other styles in the future.

2. Individual cluster lash is a very everyday and natural cluster lashes. It enlarges your eyes while ensuring the real and natural eyelashes. This is a lash that you can’t go wrong with at any time. When you don’t know how to match, it’s right to choose individual cluster lashes.

3. Individual cluster lash is the most flexible lashes. This means that it can be paired with other eyelashes for different effects. Individual cluster lashes can be matched with many types of lashes. It can be matched with various styles of eyelashes such as spikes lashes and classic cluster lashes to produce different effects. This is something that most styles of lashes cannot do.


First, take the eyelashes. Grip the individual cluster lash whole by their roots with angled tweezers. Then remove the lashes as a whole. Confirm the number of eyelashes to be used, and take them all at once. The removed eyelashes are placed according to the habit of hand.

Second, hang the glue. If you are using disposable glue. This glue is most sticky in a semi-dry and translucent state. It’s too wet and it doesn’t stick easily and rubs easily on the lower lashes. After the eyelashes are removed, a lump of glue remains on the real eyelashes. If it is too dry, it will be hard to remove glue.

There are two ways to hang glue. The first one is more convenient. Squeeze a dollop of glue on the lid first, as thick as possible. Otherwise it dries faster. Then take the lashes upside down with glue. Let the concave side stick the glue and the convex side rub off some. The second is slightly more troublesome, but the success rate is very high. Just brush the glue directly to the root of the eyelashes. Paste one and brush one, but be careful not to rub the glue on the tweezers.

Finally, apply the eyelashes. Use the end of the brush to lift the eyelid up to spread the lashes.


Start sticking individual cluster lash from the middle of the eye, and pay attention to adjusting the angle and position. Press and hold the bottom of the eyelashes for 3 seconds and then release, the success rate is higher. First stick from the middle to the end of the eye, and then from the middle to the end of the eye. Consider the length and length. After pasting, you can use tweezers to top the place that is not compliant.


What is a cluster lash?

Cluster lashes are disposable false eyelashes that are attached to the skin rather than to the natural eyelash, it originated from cutting off the strip lash (Individual Eyelashes).

Are cluster lashes the same as eyelash extensions?

Unlike eyelash extensions, they are glued on top of each other along the lash line (which usually touches the skin. Eyelash extensions must be done in a salon, but cluster lashes can also be done at home. Cluster lashes are not as troublesome as eyelash extensions, but they can achieve the same effect as eyelash extensions. It’s just not durable and needs to be removed the same day.

Are Individual cluster lash a one-off?

This mainly depends on the individual. If you buy individual cluster lashes of good quality and you use them carefully. It can be reused if it is properly cleaned after taking it off, but it is not recommended to use it too many times.

How to post individual cluster lashes?

First, remove the lashes by grasping the entire base of the lashes with tweezers. Then hang glue on the individual cluster lashes. Be careful to rub off the glue if too much. Finally, start from the middle to find the right position to apply the eyelashes.

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