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WE ARE custom lash box vendors

At Chiway Lash custom lash box vendors, we offer complete flexibility to our clients in designing an lash boxes with logo of their choice. Right from the shapes to selecting the materials, everything can be customized.

Custom Eyelash Packaging BoxES Options

Shape and Size

  • Wide variety of diy eyelash box styles

Our eyelash boxes can be ordered in any shape and size. The standard options provided by us include square, rectangle, round, diamond shape lash box, triangle and hexagon shapes. You can also place orders for special shapes by placing a request with us. These boxes are available in different sizes. Orders for multiple styles can also be placed.

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Round
  • Diamond
  • Heart
  • And more

Premium Material

  • Eco-friendly and Recyclable

Chiway Lash offers you the freedom to select a material of your choice. For a budget-friendly option, we offer art paper, coated paper, PVC or wood eyelash box packaging. If you want to showcase your brand as a premium label then we also offer canvas and linen fabric, special cardboard and metal boxes.

  • Art paper
  • Coated paper
  • PVC
  • Wood boxes
  • Cardboard
  • Metal boxes


  • Creative packaging box design

We offer custom wholesale eyelash box in a wide range of patterns like folding, sliding, drawer and magnetic style boxes. You can also select boxes with a transparent window, mirror or without mirror options. With these style options, you can give a distinctive look to your luxury eyelash box packaging and make it easy for customers to store the high-quality lashes provided by your brand.

  • Folding boxes
  • Sliding boxes
  • Drawer boxes
  • Magnetic boxes
  • Boxes with window or without window
  • Boxes with mirror or without mirror

Custom Printed

  • Digital CMYK printing

Our wholesale lash boxes can be custom printed in color(s) of your choice. This allows you to match the color of the box with your brand logo. We can also print the boxes using silk screen printing, offset printing and hot foil stamp upon your request.

  • Digital printing
  • Silk screen printing
  • Offset printing
  • Hot foil stamp


  • Ehance your lash boxes look

To further enhance the look, we also offer options to add ribbons or strings to the eyelash boxes. You can highlight the boxes by giving them a UVI finishing, glossy lamination, matte varnish, embossing, die-cut or hot-press texture with a high-frequency machine.

  • UVI finishing
  • Glossy lamination
  • Matte varnish
  • Embossing
  • Die-cut
  • Hot-press

Your Custom Options is Limitless

When it comes to designing mink lash boxes there is hardly anything that we cannot do. In addition to the standard features mentioned above, you can also place orders for special design options.

Best Packaging custom lash box vendors

High Quality

Every custom luxury lash box is made from superior materials and technique. Ensures you get the best looking and long-lasting eyelash boxes.

Competitive Pricing

We source directly from manufacturers to minimize costs. Whether you order a small quantity or bulk, we offer you a better quote than anyone else.


No MOQ for standard in-stock cheap lash boxes. Tiny MOQ of 50 for private label eyelash packaging boxes.

Fast Shipping

we maintain a large stock of lash boxes which are ready-to-ship within 3 to 5 days. For Custom Boxes, the shipping can take between 10 to 15 days.

Experienced Designers

We works with leading design specialists. You can take the help of our designers to customize a box or submit a design yourself.

Customer Centric Approach

Our team are always ready to answer your queries. They can assist you right from selecting the design to updating you with shipping details.

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