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pony hair lashes

Pony hair and mink hair belong to the false eyelashes of the real hair category. False eyelashes such as real hair are false eyelashes made from animal hair. This kind of false eyelashes is closer to human real eyelashes and will be combined with human real eyelashes in a particularly natural way.

Since horse hair lashes are made from hair extracted from horses, the hair itself has a small amount of oil. That’s why horse hair lashes have a certain sheen. You’ll get unexpected results when you wear them. As long as you don’t look at yourself very closely, you won’t notice that you’re wearing false lashes. Horsehair lashes are also one of the most natural types of eyelashes.Pony hair lashes are harder and waterproof, while they are slightly less flexible. The biggest feature of horsehair lashes is curling, which is naturally messy. Although it’s real fur, it doesn’t reflect light. It’s great to use if you want your lashes to look thicker.

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