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SELF-ADhesive lashes

Are you still worried about wearing eyelashes for a long time? Self-adhesive lashes solve this problem for you. So what are self-adhesive eyelashes? What are the characteristics of self-adhesive eyelashes? Let’s discuss it together.

So what are self-adhesive eyelashes?

Eyelashes of any material may be self-adhesive eyelashes. What sets self-adhesive eyelashes apart isn’t the material they’re made of, but the way to apply them. In other words, self-adhesive eyelashes may be MINK LASHES or SILK EYELASHES, synthetic lashes or even pony eyelashes, FOX EYELASHES. Most self-adhesive eyelashes on the market today are made of synthetic fibers. In addition, the style of self-adhesive eyelashes is not different from other eyelashes. Whether it is a classic style or a popular style, there are many kinds.  

bonded self-adhesion lashes

Are self-adhesive eyelashes 3d?

Of course. Self-adhesive eyelashes follow the most popular fashion trends in craftsmanship and design. All styles of self-adhesive eyelashes are 3d eyelashes. Show off your charismatic eyes while wearing it.

What are the characteristics of self-adhesive eyelashes?

No glue or eyeliner needed:

Self-adhesive eyelashes are different from magnetic eyelashes and other eyelashes. Self-adhesive eyelashes themselves have sticky strips. So you don’t need to apply glue again and you can wear it directly. This feature can greatly reduce the requirements for applying eyelashes. From now on, you don’t have to worry about the problem of applying glue and leaking glue. This is very friendly to makeup beginners.

Easy to put on and save time:

 Chiwaylash self-adhesive eyelashes are made with cutting-edge technology and high-quality synthetic fibers. This makes them reusable and self-adhesive lashes without the need for glue or eyeliner. The stickiness between the eyelashes and the skin is quickly activated by body temperature. In another words,if you apply self-adhesive eyelashes, the makeup process would be simple and beneficial. Easy to wear and saves even more time. Novices can easily put on these lashes in just 3 seconds.

Naturally lightweight:

Self-adhesive lashes are made with high-quality synthetic fibers that look as natural as real lashes. At the same time it has good curl and elasticity. More importantly, the self-adhesive eyelashes are light and comfortable to wear. It adapts well to your lashes without burdening your eyes.

Reusable and portable:

 Self-adhesive eyelashes can be used multiple times with proper use and storage. If desired, you can rinse with warm water and dry gently with the warm air of a hairdryer. What’s more, self-adhesive eyelashes are washable and can last 3-5 times as long as they are used and stored properly. Even more unexpected is that the self-adhesive eyelashes are housed in a nice round box. It is convenient for you to take with the box at work or when traveling or on business trips. Plus it won’t clump or set in hot or cold weather, making it easy to store.

Value for the price:

Self-adhesive eyelashes are mostly made from man-made fibers. Therefore, the production cost is relatively low. However, due to its wearing effect and quality, self-adhesive eyelashes are more cost-effective.

Suitable for every type of makeup: 

Natural length and curly lashes are the perfect makeup for weddings, photo sessions, parties or everyday office or everyday use. And it’s perfect as a great gift for a female friend on a birthday, Christmas, Women’s Day or any other day.

Warning note:

self-adhensive eyelashes must be used before any makeup or eye care application. Otherwise, it won’t stick. Water or makeup residue on the eyelids can change the viscosity and longevity of makeup.

How to apply self-adhesive eyelashes?

The method of applying self-adhesive eyelashes is very simple. Because it has its own adhesive strip, you can apply it directly. Of course, before applying it, you need to check whether the length of the eyelashes matches you, just like applying other eyelashes. If it is too long, you can cut off the excess then use it.

How long do self-adhesive eyelashes last?

The adhesive strip that comes with self-adhesive eyelashes is very sticky. Under normal circumstances, it can be maintained for a day’s wearing needs. Of course, self-adhesive eyelashes are not suitable for overnight wear. On the one hand, the eyelashes themselves will be damaged, and on the other hand, the friction during sleep will remove the eyelashes. Unconsciously, the adhesive strip of self-adhesive eyelashes will be damaged and affect the next use.

How many times can self-adhesive eyelashes be used?

Generally self-adhesive eyelashes can be reused 1-2 times. In addition, there is a spare strip on the box that contains the self-adhesive wool. With careful care, self-adhesive eyelashes can be reused 3-5 times.

Are self-adhesive eyelashes safe?

The glues used with traditional false eyelashes can cause allergic reactions and irritation, but magnetic eyelashes do not use these glues. However, if you use them incorrectly and carefully, you can still get allergies or infections.

In general, self-adhesive eyelashes have incomparable advantages in applying other eyelashes. If you want to get more information about self-adhesive eyelashes, you can log on to our web page for related information.

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