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synthetic lashes

A Synthetic eyelash has recently become popular, including strip eyelashes and eyelash extensions. So what are Synthetic lashes? What material is it made of? What are its disadvantages? How is it different from common mink eyelashes and silk eyelashes? Next, let us unravel its mystery one by one.

What are synthetic lashes?

Synthetic eyelashes are the most common type of false eyelashes and are made from plastic man-made fibers. Simply put, faux mink is a premium synthetic lash designed to mimic the quality and fineness of real mink lashes. It’s a vegan-friendly option made from plastic fibers. Although technology has improved over the years to make them look more natural than before, synthetic lashes tend to have much thicker volume than natural lashes. In addition, because of the material, it will appear lighter and more shiny. General Synthetic lashes are mostly disposable products. But there are also some high-quality Synthetic lashes that can be reused many times after careful care.

synthetic lashes
synthetic lashes
synthetic lashes

What are synthetic lashes made of?

Synthetic fibers belong to the category of man-made synthetic mink hair. It is designed to imitate real mink fur. They are very fine, soft and silky, just like real fur. All synthetic eyelashes are made from a plastic fiber called PBT, which is polybutylene terephthalate. PBT is a thermoplastic semi-crystalline polymer, which is a polyester. After heating, the desired eyelash shape is made by a mold. After cooling and solidification, it is the synthetic eyelashes we see. 

Here are some features of synthetic eyelashes:

【Synthetic material】

Yes, synthetic eyelashes are made of synthetic plastic material. Therefore, the texture of synthetic lashes is much harder than that of mink lashes.

 【Much cheaper】

Synthetic lashes are not 100% handmade, so synthetic lashes are cheaper. If you’re new to makeup, you can start with synthetic eyelashes. In addition, if you are in the entrepreneurial stage of the eyelash business, synthetic eyelashes will also be your best choice.

【Free cruelty】

If you are vegan, synthetic eyelashes are more suitable for you. Synthetic eyelashes are 100% cruelty-free, so you can try them on without any worries.

What’s more, our synthetic eyelashes also come in a variety of options: varying in length, curl, shape, effect, and more. This will give you more flexibility to choose the most popular synthetic false eyelashes to create your own eyelash brand.

How long do synthetic eyelashes last?

As far as strip eyelash is concerned, most of the general synthetic eyelashes have a service life of about 5-15 times. The service life of high-quality synthetic eyelashes under careful maintenance can reach about 10-20 times. 

As far as eyelash extensions are concerned, the lifespan of synthetic eyelashes is related to the growth cycle of natural eyelashes. Of course, the natural wear and tear of synthetic eyelashes also exists.

Are synthetic eyelashes good?

First, synthetic lashes are lighter, finer and softer than other lashes. Synthetic eyelashes hold their curl very well because of the material they are made of. Second, the light texture allows the synthetic eyelashes to increase the thickness of the eyelashes even more. Synthetic eyelashes with these characteristics can enhance the dramatic effect of the eyes to a greater extent. What’s more, synthetic lashes look smoother and brighter. The fluffy look gives the eyes a more dramatic and makeup look. In addition, it has a very long lasting with proper care.

Difference between Mink vs Synthetic Lashes

Materials and Prices:

Mink hair eyelashes are mainly derived from the fine hair of the Siberian mink tail. Although it is carried out on the basis of not killing animals, the quantity of mink hair is limited, which leads to the limited production of mink hair eyelashes and the high price.

Synthetic eyelashes are made with a plastic fiber called PBT. Therefore, the price of synthetic eyelashes is relatively cheap.

Actual quality and durability:

Mink lashes are softer and more prone to curling. And the light and fluffy nature of mink eyelashes is more attractive, but the curling degree will be reduced after contact with water. And because their synthetic construction is specifically designed to maintain curl, synthetic lashes are relatively firmer, easier to curl and last longer. Of course, mink lashes last longer than synthetic eyelashes.

Overall, CHIWAY LASH synthetic eyelashes are affordable lashes that you can spend less on your everyday lash look. You can easily switch any lash style you like. And they are best for those with healthy, thick lashes and are often favored by younger clients.

But here’s one thing pinned: Synthetic lashes have a slightly plastic touch due to their rough and dull texture. Therefore, if the client’s budget is very low, synthetic eyelashes are your best option. Standing on the price, synthetic eyelashes are the first choice.

But we can ensure the best quality in the same price range, we have more than 500 different styles to expand your choice. If you are interested in our synthetic eyelashes, please feel free to contact us.

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