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Eyelash extensions are a means of eyelash beauty. It mainly fixes the false eyelashes to the roots of the real eyelashes through glue. Eyelash extensions make lashes look longer and thicker. After the eyelash extensions are done, your eyes will look extra special. It will make the face look particularly spiritual. It can enhance the temperament and beauty of the whole person. There are many types of eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are classified in many different ways. It is classified according to density, curl, arrangement shape, etc. Today, I will mainly introduce an eyelash extension – YY extension Lashes. We will help you understand YY Extension Lashes from all angles.

The concept of YY eyelashes

YY eyelashes are made up of one by two. YY eyelashes are also called mermaid’s eyelashes. But if the distance is not grasped when expanding, its fur tips will be a little messy. The fullness of YY lashes is not particularly high. The material of our YY lashes is light and soft. Its own cross is denser and dense, which directly shortens the extension time of eyelashes. YY extension lashes have a strong visual sense of hierarchy. And its sense along the line is obvious, and it is not easy to be hollow. It is suitable for people who like a sense of line and strong radiation.

Advantages of YY Extension Lashes

1. The appearance of YY extension eyelashes is y-shaped. This look makes the lashes appear thicker in layers. And because these kinds of lashes are grouped in groups, you don’t need to use too much to get a thicker effect. Simply fantastic.

2. YY extension lashes will make you look more natural. Because these lashes are segmented. It will better fit the shape of your eyes. You don’t need to worry about being discovered at all. Because it is natural and the same as real eyelashes.

3. YY extension lashes will not burden your eyes at all. It is lighter on its own and it is evenly distributed on each lash. It doesn’t make your eyelids feel too heavy.

4. YY extension lashes don’t need much to give you an ideal effect. It can also be combined to present different styles. Whether you want to be on the thicker side or more natural, it can do it. Simply fantastic!

5. YY extension lashes can extend the eyelashes faster than other styles. This saves you a lot of time. That way you have more time to do other things.

How to choose the right YY lashes for you?

1. You have to choose the right eyelash manufacturer. This eyelash manufacturer must have its own production factory. Only then you can get a better product at a lower price. It will help you stand out in front of other peers. Then the product quality of this eyelash manufacturer is superior. So you can use it with confidence. For you or for the customer, it is a guarantee. It can also be your signature. Help you attract more customers.

In this case, I have to say something about CHIWAYLASH. Chiwaylash has its own factory. We are able to produce high quality eyelashes at a low price. Our YY extension lashes are one of the best. Compared with other manufacturers in the same industry, our quality and service are slightly better. So, chiwaylash is your best choice.

 2. Eyelash extensions have different curling degrees. You want to investigate what kind of warp most people accept. Then you should choose according to this when you buy it. Your goods will sell faster.

How to use YY eyelashes

We all need to take hair before we can extend our lashes. YY extension lashes is a combination of two eyelashes. So be careful when picking. To prevent it from loosening when taking the hair. We use tweezers to hold the separated part of the eyelashes when taking the hair. Then carefully remove it.

Next, we are going to dip the removed YY extension lashes with glue. YY extension lashes are different from single lashes. It needs to be inserted vertically into the glue. Then slowly remove the eyelashes.

After that, it is the same method as single eyelashes. Find out where you want to put your eyelashes. Apply YY lashes exactly to the eyelashes.

The above is all about the introduction of YY lashes. Below are some quick questions and answers about YY lashes from people, hopefully it will help you learn more about YY lashes.

YY extension lashes quick Q&A

What is YY eyelash ?

YY Lashes are different from classic eyelash extensions. It blends classic with volume to create a new type of lash extension. Apply in the same way as the classic, but for a lighter feel. YY lashes have a fuller, softer, and fluffier effect than classics.

What kind of eye shape are YY lashes suitable for?

YY extension lashes are extension lashes with a strong presence. It will make the lashes appear thicker. And it is suitable for most people’s eye shapes. If you have to say what it is suitable for. YY lashes are best for sisters with sparse and short lashes.

The difference between single eyelashes and Y-shaped eyelashes

First, the material used for the y-shaped eyelashes is relatively hard, while the material of the single eyelashes is soft and delicate; second, the y-shaped eyelashes are dense, and the single eyelashes are more natural; third, the y-shaped eyelashes are neat and not easy to mess up, while the single eyelashes are more natural Disorder is easy to be chaotic; Fourth, the time required for y-shaped eyelashes is short, while the grafting time of single eyelashes is longer, and it needs to be grafted one by one. Knowing these two common types of eyelashes, we can learn from them when choosing. All in all, the one that suits us is good.

What is the difference between YY lashes and V extension lashes ?

Compared with single eyelashes, the extension encryption effect of YY lashes and V extension lashes will be easier. They both have encryption effects, but there are still differences between the two.

YY lashes has a mesh weave effect. The V extension lashes encryption effect has no weave. YY lashes have a slightly lower loose hair rate than V extension lashes. V extension lashes are the effects of natural encryption.

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