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                        About chiway eyelash factory                                

Qingdao Chiway Eyelash Factory

Qingdao Chiway Eyelash Factory was established in 2015. It is currently one of the largest eyelash producers in Qingdao. We have an area of 3000 square meters workshop and nearly 200 skilled eyelash production workers. As a leader in the eyelash production industry, we not only maintain a high level of product quality, we are also constantly advancing in the research and development of new products. 3D mink faux eyelashes, 3D velvet faux eyelashes, 25MM 3D mink faux eyelashes are all developed by us and its have been accepted by the market quickly. “Beauty is real, and real is beautiful.” Let’s join us for fashion together!

              Why choose us?               

our team

A professional team is the foundation for creating best eyelashes. In order to create more fashionable and high-quality eyelashes, our company has created a complete eyelash production management system. It mainly includes market research department, design department, production management department, quality supervision department, sales department and huge after-sales service department.

Market research department: No investigation, no right to speak. chiwaylash mainly conducts research in two ways: First, researchers focus on the latest fashion trends. Second, customer feedback. In-depth and extensive market research provides a great guarantee for the design and improvement of eyelashes.

Design department: Chiwaylash chief eyelash designer Wei has rooted in the eyelash factory for many years. In another words, the design team headed by Wei has rich experience in style innovation and private customization. They have created many popular false eyelashes.

Quality supervision department: Quality inspection happens on every single steps. If there any thing wrong, the eyelash would not appear on the market. That’s why the quality supervision department was set up. And we have so many quality inspector who are involved in the whole process of making eyelashes.

Sales department and huge after-sales service department: We share our eyelashes with our customers or talk about the details of eyelashes with them patiently. Because some of them really trust us, they ask help for us. For example, they hope we can give some advise to choose the best eyelashes for them, even there are thousands of eyelashes they can choose. At the same times, if your want print your own logo or design your unique picture on the eyelash boxes, they have rich experience to help you. Surely, you can also ask help with them after buying. They will try their best to do what disturb you. Any question, any time.

Our factory

Qingdao Chiwaylash is an eyelash factory. We specialize in false eyelash and other eyelash products. Chiway eyelash factory firstly established in 2015. It has an area of 3000 square meters workshop and nearly 200 skilled eyelash production workers.

As a leader in the eyelash industry, Chiway eyelash factory is a comprehensive company. What we can do including R&D, design, production and sales. At the same time, sound management system, perfect production process and high-quality after-sales guarantee make our company strong in market.

“Superior quality, customer satisfaction.” one of our company’s business philosophy. In the process of making false eyelashes, we not only maintain a high level of product quality, we are also constantly advancing in the research and development of new products. Our false eyelashes are various in materials, styles and colors. Different styles of eyelash products meet the various needs of people in different situations. Therefore, eyelash products such as mink eyelashes are such popular that more and more people like them all over the world. In addition, in order to meet the needs of different customers, Our company added so many false eyelashes supporting products. The main products include eyeliners, eyelash curlers, tweezers, eyelash glue, eyelash boxes and more. Meanwhile, We also provide services such as personalized customization and design of various products.

If you are looking for a professional eyelash factory, chiwaylash eyelash factory will be your best choice. Because we will provide you with the best lashes and many other eye makeup products. At the same time, we will also open a new journey for you in the eyelash business. In a word Chiwaylash will always uphold the concept of “integrity-based, service first”. Join hands with you to a broader future of eyelashes.

                DIVERSIFIED PRODUCTS               

According the material, the material of eyelashes is mink eyelash, silk eyelash, faux eyelash and pony eyelash.

Mink eyelash:Mink eyelashes are taken from the tail of the Siberian mink. The mink eyelash is closer to human hair. Compared with other eyelashes, mink hair is more natural and softer. Among them, 3d mink eyelash is the most popular one.

Silk eyelash: Silk eyelashes are the earliest false eyelashes on the market. It made of fiber plastic. At firs, Silk eyelashes are a great choice for vegans. For the materials, the quality of silk eyelashes is lighter than other eyelashes. Second, fluffy is a big feature of silk eyelash. Then, silk eyelash is much curlier than any other eyelashes. That’s to say if you want your eyelashes with a baby curl, silk eyelash is the best choice. In other words, silk eyelash is the cheapest eyelash.

Faux eyelash: Faux mink lashes are made of fibroin extracted from silk. Because of its high extraction technology, the price of faux eyelashes is relatively expensive. But  the feeling of wearing faux eyelash is more comfortable than others. Smooth, light, soft and natural are the biggest features of false eyelashes.

Pony eyelash: Pony eyelash is a new false eyelash,which is made of horse hair. Compared with mink eyelash, pony hair is harder and waterproof. Because of the feature of horse hair, pony eyelash is glossier and more natural.

In fact, Chiway eyelash factory also provides other products. Such as eyelash box, eyeliner, eyelash curler, tweezers, glue, etc.

        Lash Packaging Box & Lash Tool         

High-quality eyelashes should be equipped with high-end eyelash boxes. According to the different materials, the types of eyelash boxes have many kinds. Such as plastic boxes, cardboard boxes, acrylic boxes, Coated paper boxes, Iron boxes and so on. From those, you can choose what kind of boxes you like. Meanwhile all kinds of boxes can be print your own logo. Or if you have any idea about the picture on the box, you can tell us. What’s more, we also provide customize services. Or rather we offer a variety of printing technology services. Color printing, hot stamping process, hot silver process, embossing process, bump process, bright film process, matte process and UV process.


                What can we do for you?               

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Free lash business logo designs. Start your own mink lash company.

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create your own eyelash packaging box

Wholesale custom eyelash packaging box. Private label lashes packaging designs.

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